Meeting staffing needs is easily one of the biggest hurdles as a hiring manager. We get it. Increasing competition, skill gaps, and internal pressures make the search for talent, especially in the IT sector, more and more difficult every year.

To help you navigate your search, we collected the best resources around the web and organized the top do’s and don’ts for fulfilling your IT staffing needs in the Denver-area.

•DO Be Aware of High-Demand Technologies

The technology industry is one of the fastest-changing — and most competitive — sectors in the US economy. A few years ago, a software engineer could get by with Java knowledge and probably a second language. That’s simply not the case anymore. Now, an IT professional must know multiple languages such as Python, Swift, and Perl.

In addition to basic skills, IT project managers are also diving into new positions thanks to the rise of advanced and popular technologies.

For example, big data is a topic on everyone’s mind because of its virtually endless potential for information development. Companies need skilled professionals that understand how to interpret their data and make it useful to increase their profits and overall success.

Other technologies expected to grow in 2018 include:

  • Cloud services
  • Voice recognition
  • Security
  • IoT

Professionals are changing on account of the increasingly competitive and dynamic market. They’re no longer one-dimensional. Now, talent has the ability to not only develop code but also talk about their work and how it relates to the business’ overall operations. Dynamic talent is incredibly beneficial for your organization and can help you meet your goals.

•DO Expect Higher Competition

In Denver area alone, there are more than 1,500 startups. With all of these companies seeking highly skilled team members, there’s going to be a lot of competition for talent.

There are ways to fill your staffing needs successfully. First, ensure that your company has an awesome culture. You’re going to need more than ping pong tables and lunchtime happy hours. You want to provide tangible benefits that your employees want. These include:

  • Supplemental benefits
  • Weekly feedback from managers
  • Performance bonuses

When your company has a great culture, employees will thrive.  Their productivity will be higher, commitment to “the cause” increases, and referrals will come in, which helps you crush your KPIs.

In addition to building a strong culture, you need to offer competitive salaries. Typical IT salaries in Denver area range from $70K to $120K, so make sure your company is on track to compete. Also, start paying attention to the transforming demographics in the tech employment space. For example, more and more women are entering the market looking for valuable opportunities.

•DON’T Limit Your Search by Location

A recent report from TechNet and the Progressive Policy Institute listed Denver as one of the active startup hubs in the US next to Portland, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. As the area attracts more IT talent, don’t feel like you need to limit your search for staffing needs to local markets.

Positions aren’t bound by geography, especially for technology jobs. Plus, many potential employees are willing to relocate.

Look outside the Denver and Boulder area and focus on the hot spot areas for tech employment if you’re having a hard time finding talent. More than 30% of all experienced IT pros are concentrated in areas such as San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Boston. Reach out to those markets to find temporary employees, remote team members or those willing to relocate.

•DON’T Reinvent the Wheel When Fulfilling Staffing Needs

You don’t have time to do an exhaustive search around the country for talented team members to fill your vacancies. You have headcount goals to meet and a million other things on your plate, so why reinvent the wheel when there are agencies that can help you find the best IT talent for your team.

One of the hardest tasks for hiring managers is selecting top tier candidates who will crush KPI goals. The talent is out there. People who will help you increase productivity, commit to your organization and contribute to the overall success of your firm.

At GPS Staffing we know how to find the best talent who will be a great fit for your team.  Let us know if you have any questions, we are here to help so contact us.  Thank you for reading!

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