What makes an intelligent recruiter for tech and how do you pick the right one?  Well, that is a complicated and loaded question.  A recruiter can be incredibly intelligent and successful in every industry vertical outside of tech but still faceplant when they try to make the jump.  The diverse world of developers, engineers, agile, hardware, software, etc. can be completely overwhelming for any recruiter without the right domain expertise.  So, perhaps intelligent is the wrong word, it’s more like “experienced.”

As Fortune says, the best way to find a great tech recruiter is by referral and existing client recommendation, but what else can you rely on?  After working with many clients in the tech world, we found there are five key areas where a recruiter should excel to be deemed intelligent about your particular domain.

What makes an intelligent recruiter for tech?


An Intelligent Recruiter Understands the Vocabulary

In the diverse world of technology, a strong comprehension of vocabulary is king.  The recruiter has to have a firm grasp of the particulars of the world you live in.  Do not assume because the recruiter has shown past experience in the world of web app development that they can make the leap to biotech either.  The common misconception for people outside of tech is that there are two types of companies in the space; software and hardware.  If you are in tech you understand that in the subset of software development there are another 5-10 layers beneath that.

For instance, every great software tech recruiter should know the difference between the following software development expertises:

  • The differences between programming for the web, desktop apps, mobile, ERP/CRM, API’s or embedded systems
  • The pros and cons of the most in-demand programming languages: SQL, Java, Javascript, C#, Python, C++, PHP, iOS, RoR
  • The difference between common stacks like LAMP, MEAN, Ruby Stack, Django Stack, etc.

It is import to never assume a recruiter knows where your preferred skill set falls in the total spectrum.  Ask plenty of questions to confirm the recruiter knows how to best represent you as a client.

They Understand Your Communication Expectations

The vast majority of people that live in the world of modern IT are under incredibly strong pressure to deliver on a timeline.  Once the recruiter has understood who you are and your domain, make sure they understand the value of your time. For instance, there are stories of web developers getting anywhere from 30-50 InMails a day on LinkedIn.  This method is the opposite of how any recruiter should be acting.  If you are a job seeker, you should get a single email when there is a real opportunity on the table and if you are an employer you should be seeing curated resumes ready for an interview.

The ability to listen and understand the requirements on both ends (employer and candidate) is equally important.  The best tech recruiter acts like a business analyst; engaging in requirements gathering from the job point of view.  This allows them to act accordingly as per the client and candidate needs.  They are not afraid to ask questions and are the information bank for both ends.

They Understand Current Trends

An intelligent recruiter should be aware of the trends in your particular tech sector.  Do they understand how the environment for your skill set or company lives in is evolving?  Do they have opinions on where the market is going?  An intelligent tech recruiter should bring a 360-degree view of the technology domain.  They can comprehend the grand scheme of things and help you decide what is going to be in demand.  Make sure that your vision of the future aligns with the recruiters.

Intelligent Recruiters Grasp the Importance of Company Culture

Tech company culture… It might be one of the most important parts of employee retention/successful placement in the tech world.  In a market where average churn can be as low as 12 months, not only is culture alignment “nice,” it truly affects the bottom line.  For talented individuals, the right culture may not be as simple as “beer on Fridays” or unlimited PTO.  Make sure the recruiter understands that the smartest talent in the space may be looking for a culture that is open to rapid change, growth, and evolution AND is willing to recognize key players contributions.  There is nothing worse for the best tech talent out there than being blocked by company politics.

They Have a Great Local Network

Last but not least, does the recruiter have connections in your local area?  The easiest way to test this is just by asking for recommendations or at least seeing some client testimonials for past successes.  It’s that simple.

If you keep these five major areas in mind while you look for the right recruiter (either as a job seeker or an employer), you might just end up with the last recruiter you ever need.  Take a look at how we approach recruitment here.

Please keep us in mind if you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns.  We are always here to help!

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