Analyzing team happiness should be a top priority for every founder in today’s startup world. It’s more competitive than ever to attract high-quality talent, especially in the rapidly growing Colorado front-range region. What founders should embrace is the fact that their talent is everything. Skilled and dedicated team members lead to increased productivity, which achieves profitability and leads to that next round of funding.

•According to a study from Warwick University, employee happiness can increase productivity by 37%. If you’re not making a conscience effort and analyzing team happiness, it’s time to start.

Team member happiness is a key attribute to building a successful startup. Let’s take a look at how you can create a thriving environment with value-added activities that pay off with high ROI and real results.

Analyzing Team Happiness With Regular Feedback

Consistent, genuine feedback makes team members happy. By reducing the unknowns and solving problems as they occur, employees are much more productive and confident in their work.

Many successful teams, like AT&T and Google, have regular monthly or even weekly check-ins and surveys as opposed to long, annual reviews. These personal meetings to gives supervisors a better understanding of team dynamics and address problems earlier. In addition, management shares trends and verbal feedback directly with employees so they can have a clear understanding of the current business environment.

Allow Employees To Do Their Job

Sounds super simple, but team members need time to focus on the tasks listed in their job descriptions. This starts with time management. When leaders are properly managing and creating time for work to actually be completed, employees can contribute to the greater good of the company by simply doing their work.

Often, companies get stuck in “meeting mode.” We all know that meetings and brainstorm sessions are a regular part of business, especially in startups. But there needs to be enough time in the day for employees to be productive and complete their tasks.

One way to increase productivity is to hire freelancers to help with large workloads who are outside of the normal meeting loops. Team members will be much happier when they’re not bogged down and forced to work late nights to get their work complete.

Analyzing Team Happiness Goes Beyond The Ping Pong Tables

You’ve heard the stats and know that employee engagement is an issue in America. Only 33% of US employees are engaged at work. That’s not good, in fact, it’s terrible. It’s time to understand what really drives employee engagement.

Many startups rely on hip office environments, day drinking, and ping pong tables to “engage” employees. But these perks only go so far. Sure, fun benefits are a great way to add an edge to your company’s office environment but at the end of the day, the beer tap isn’t going to roll in the profits.

•Happy employees will increase your bottom line.

Team members want benefits that relate to their personal well-being. Offer supplemental benefits, great healthcare, monetary bonuses, ample paid time off, flexible schedules, and most importantly — feedback. People love to know how they’re doing so they can improve or keep up the good work.
Following the Leader

At the end of the day, you can create a collaborative environment, provide regular feedback and offer great benefits but what ties a successful culture together is the leader.

•Your team happiness is achieved from the top down.

It’s nearly impossible to create positive changes in an organization without support from leadership. Steve Schroeder is the founder and CEO of Creative Werks, he attributes his firm’s success to a great culture. In addition to providing team members bonuses and growth opportunities, Steve makes sure his employees are happy.

He supports his team members and makes sure that he hires new employees that care about others. It’s a key quality that he looks for in new hires.

Startup success is as much a function of the team and leader as it is the product or service. Be sure you’re always analyzing team happiness through regular surveys, communication, and observation.  These methods will promote a thriving, healthy environment that produces positive results.

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