Temporary staffing is quickly becoming a go-to option for a number of employers looking to fill their skills gap.  According to a study by Career Builder, short-term employment is utilized by diverse markets including technology, human resources, customer service, construction, healthcare, accounting, and more.

Taking advantage of temporary staffing can increase productivity in organizations by helping full-time team members get their work completed. They can focus on their tasks and avoid outside distractions. Let’s explore more best practices for increasing your firm’s efficiency with temp team members below.

1. Be open to training

Don’t judge a book — or prospective team member — by its cover. A resume and cover letter are restricting and fail to paint a full picture of the talent’s accomplishments. Sure, you get an overview of their proudest career moments, but a piece of paper fails to showcase their personality and drive.

For example, contractors typically work on a project-by-project basis. Their background may be, and probably is, nontraditional. Don’t let that deter you from giving them a chance.

If the prospective team member doesn’t have the exact experience you’re looking for, be open to a little training. Look for someone who adapts to change and is a quick learner. If you can quickly train them on basic processes and get them up to speed on your organization’s workflow, they can help you balance the workload and increase overall productivity.

2. Temporary staffing plays by different rules

Depending on your temporary team member’s workload, they can help your organization save on labor costs. These short-term employees don’t require benefits like paid time off, healthcare and withholdings. In short, these employees are typically paid as independent contractors.

If you plan to use the temporary staff for longer assignments, do note that their hourly rates are typically higher than full-time employees and those costs can start to add up to outweigh the benefits. Ensure you’re assessing each employment situation on a case-by-case basis and seeking advice from professionals when you have questions.

Contractors don’t require benefits but they are covered by the same labor laws as any employee. These laws cover harassment, discrimination, and workplace health and safety.

3. Cut costs associated with permanent employment

Temporary staffing can be an ideal solution for filling immediate needs. When working with a staffing firm, you’ll pay for their services, but you can find qualified talent to fill important roles within your organization.

These short-term needs may also transform into long-term solutions. Essentially, you can save on recruitment costs associated with hiring full-time talent if your temporary staffing solutions work out well. You’ll also potentially save on high costs associated with turnover.

Temporary employees have a feel for your company’s culture and processes. They understand if they like working with you and your team gains an understanding if they like working with them. If it’s a great relationship and turns into a full-time opportunity, there’s a chance employment will be a long-term success.

4. Temporary staffing manages workload to meet goals

Short-term help lets your permanent team members manage their responsibilities and stay on task. When they don’t have to worry about managing their normal tasks, your employees will be more productive and happier. Temporary staffing helps you hit KPIs by reducing stress and burnout of your internal team. It can also reduce the need for overtime, which helps your team stay focused.

5. Develop future superstars

Typically, temporary staffing refers to team members who work with a firm for less than a year. These workers also have specified end dates to their contracts, according to the Department of Labor. More and more employers are seeing the sideline benefit of temporary staffing as an option for testing new talent in a safe environment.

What’s great is that even though these relationships start off as temporary opportunities, they can always turn into full-time solutions. If the team member performs on a high level, fits in with your team, and you have the budget and need for a full-time employee, you can always extend the offer to the temporary talent. Sometimes the superstars for your organization are found using unconventional methods.

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