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GPS Staffing is committed to the long-term success of the talent and companies we connect. We weave the best candidates into the fabric of the highest performing teams. Our skill, relationships, and passion are what help you finish this hiring puzzle that has no defined edges.

How we succeed.

Our core principles allow us to achieve greatness for all of our clients. Companies, candidates, and job seekers alike can find a lasting partner in GPS Staffing. In today's fast-paced world of business; retention is key and churn is the enemy. We build quality employment relationships by leveraging decades of combined experience. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by always being conscious of value and delivering a speed of service like no other.







GPS has been the extremely thorough and professional while remaining incredibly approachable. GPS followed through on the tiny details and explained the big picture of the process.


GPS has been a joy to work with throughout the entire process.


My experience with Tiffany and the GPS team was wonderful, I highly recommend GPS as a staffing provider.


Excellent communication and trustworthy team.


From my personal experience, GPS has gone the extra mile to successfully partner with me in my career pursuits and I cannot recommend them highly enough.


Meet our team.

2- Mike Morrison Headshot - About GPS Staffing

Mike Morrison


4- Ryan Stearns Headshot - About GPS Staffing

Ryan Stearns

Director of Business Development

Dan Huffman Director of Business Development - About GPS Staffing

Dan Huffman

Director of Business Development

6- Daman Kaur Headshot - About GPS Staffing

Daman Kaur

Senior IT Recruiter

Pat Donaldson - GPS Staffing Headshot - About

Pat Donaldson

Senior IT Recruiter

7- Kinsy Adams Headshot - About GPS Staffing

Kinsy Adams

IT Recruiter

Kalie Vaughn - GPS Staffing Headshot

Kalie Vaughn

IT Recruiter

Steven Reyes - GPS Staffing Headshot

Steven Reyes

Lead Talent Manager

8- Jenna Rogers Headshot - About GPS Staffing

Jenna Rodgers

Lead Talent Manager

10- Tom Fastert Headshot - About GPS Staffing

Tom Fastert

Talent Manager

3- Tiffany Redden Headshot - About GPS Staffing

Tiffany Shelburn

Human Resource Manager

13- Stephanie James Headshot - About GPS Staffing

Stephanie James

Human Resource Assistant

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